Thursday League at Pines at Clermont, NJ

Image of golf ball nest to hole.

Ready to play Spark Golf? Spark Golf leagues are 9-hole, social golf leagues that are played under a relaxed set of rules to make the experience casual and fun with a touch of friendly competition.

Joining the league is free! League rounds are available for purchase each week or you can save money by pre-paying for Spark credit at a discount.

Join with a partner, have Spark partner you up with another single or play without a partner. Play as your schedule allows, earning points based on how you finish each round. Your best 10 rounds count in the Primary season and best 4 rounds count in the Fall season.

Most of all, have fun!

League Details:

  1. 31 rounds available for play between April 4th – October 31st.
  2. Play with local friends and meet like-minded new ones.
  3. Handicaps provided. No existing handicap necessary.
  4. Each Spark round has both a 2-person team & individual game with end of season and league champs.

To learn more and register for our Thursday League please click the link below: